Medium Priority USPS box filled w/ basketball


Bench Warmer
I want to fill a flat rate medium box ($10.70) full of the following cards:

Ray Allen- 10
Carmelo Anthony-2
Ron Artest-2 (inc. Topps RC)
Charles Barkley-30
Chauncey Billups-8
Larry Bird-22
Chris Bosh-1
Vince Carter-2
Clyde Drexler-23
Joe Dumars-11
Tim Duncan-3
Mike Dunleavy Jr.-1 (Topps RC)
Patrick Ewing-93
Kevin Garnett-Kevin Garnett-12
Anfernee Hardaway-4
Grant Hill-14
Larry Hughes-28
Andre Igoudala-1
Allen Iverson-15
Antawn Jamison-3
Al Jefferson-2 (both RC's)
Magic Johnson-6
Jason Kidd-10
Karl Malone-31
Moses Malone-18
Tracy McGrady-8
Kevin McHale-12
Reggie Miller-28
Yao Ming-2
Alonzo Mourning-21
Chris Mullin-92
Steve Nash-7
Hakeem Olajuwon-51
Jermaine O'Neal-4
Shaquille O'Neal-26
Robert Parish-37
Chris Paul-1
Gary Payton-97
Paul Pierce-1
Scottie Pippen-25
Glen Rice-14
Mitch Richmond-87
David Robinson-42
Dennis Rodman-75
John Stockton-21
Amare Stoudemire-2
Isiah Thomas-35
Chris Webber-23
Dominique Wilkins-57
James Worthy-30

I've added a 1993-4 Fleer Ultra Complete Series I and II set.

I'll also throw in an 00-01 Ovation starter set, a bunch of coaches cards (Issel, Phil Pat RIley, Unseld, Wilkens, multi-star cards, 70 97-8 Topps Chrome cards, 80+ 98-99 Topps Chrome cards, various inserts, RC"s of players that are bench guys or didn't make it in the league, 97-8 You Crash the Game insert set (minus the Jordan), 20 1996 Topps Stars cards, some Ted Williams Kareem cards, Carmen ELectra cards (2), All-Star Game cards, League Leader cards, etc.

I'll toss in a few random star NFL cards I've received in trades, as well as some 99 Gold Label, 00 Playoff Prestige, 00 Ultimate Victory, and 00 Ultra cards. I'm also adding some 05 Bowman- 25 base cards, 42 RC's (inc. Barber, Clayton, D. Anderson), and 8 Thick RCs.

FOr MLB, I've thrown in 12 06 Flair Showcase (Hunter, Cantu, Zito, Gomes, McBride RC, Pettitte, Smoltz, Schmidt, Crisp, Cain RC, and Hernandez RC's-2), a 1991 Star Strawberry set (382 out of 1500) and Clemens set (308 out of 2000).

Looking for best offers in PayPal or mailed $, or trade for my wants. I don't buy alot, so I need tons of base from my STL guys (ballers and Cardinals/Rams/Blues), my other needs, etc.