March 2012 Card of The Month


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
Pull a great card from a hobby box, or retail pack? Start a thread on TCZ to share the card then post the link here to nominate it for our Card of The Month contest! Remember, all CoTM winners will be entered into a final poll at the end of the year where the Card of The Year will be voted on.

Nominate cards by sharing the link to the thread, on this forum, where a scan of the card is. Please, DO NOT post the scans in this thread.

Here are a few rules to enter.

  1. All entries must have been pulled from a pack or box. (group break pulls are ok)
  2. Cards that were purchased, or traded for, are not allowed.
  3. The card must be in your possession when it's entered.
  4. You must have a scan of the card within the thread that you link to.
  5. You can nominate your own cards, or others' cards.

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Halfway through the month it's looking more and more like Manning will be taking this one. I guess I could enter my Dwayne Harris auto. :LOL:
Well, it doesn't look like there will be a poll for March. Congratulations to Mark on winning March Card of The Month. Nobody else even wanted to compete with that Manning.