Mall show pickups



Stopped my a show at one of our local malls (Rivergate for the Mid Tenn folks) today. I probably wouldn't have trekked all the way out there, but I was half way there running errands anyway. It was pretty disappointing, but I did get a couple of IP autos from players they had there...


Michael Coleman played in the bigs (briefly) with the Red Sox and Yankees. Unfortunately the photo they had says Red Sox, otherwise I'd send it to my stepdad, who is a big NY fan. Cortland Finnegan is still with the Titans :) If I had known they were gonna have players signing I'd have come prepared with something for them to sign. Oh well.

The card selection pretty meager, but I did get a deal on 10 gus and autos from a guy I kind of now. I'm only posting four because the other six will be going out in surprise packages over the next few weeks.


Pete Kendall 97 Visions Signing auto
DeRon Jenkins 97 Visions Signing auto (triple whammy - former Vol, Titan and Nashville Kat!!!)
Ruben Patterson 00 SP Sign Of The Times auto
Lance Berkman 06 UD Ovations Apparel jersey (for the bro-in-law)
Nice Pickups.... anyway, just make a nice straight cut right above where it says Red Sox, all the way through the picture. Will look fine :salut: