Major catch up mail day stuff..


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Not having a cropping tool really isn't helpful when you've got a ton of cards to scan/crop o_O

Everything is from group breaks. Except the Peyton Manning RC, Larry Kelley and the Larry Kelley Heisman auto below (which was a birthday present actually) Big thank you to @WestCoastSkinsFan for the Fleener "L" auto, Manning jersey and Harrison jersey from his free GB. And a shout out to @Batman1641 for pulling the Marino, can't wait to see the actual card! :)

I LOVE this Larry Kelley, so sad he never went pro.
Awesome cards, im interested in the Dennis Johnson auto IF your interested in letting it go, pm me if you want, again, beautiful lot
Cool that you got both that Larry Kelley Heisman Auto and the All American Kelley.

Personally the only All-American card I've got is a 2005 All-American of Joe Namath. I forget how much I paid for it (not too much since I am a cheap card date) I forget if I got it from Ebay or Sportlots but I got it several years ago. It is cards like those that get me out of my "No College Uniforms" state of collecting. I'm giving into College Unis more and more lately.