mailday, ebay, and freebies



A couple of things I got in the mail today, and a couple of things that were hand delievered to me last weekend that I forgot to post...


from ebay...
Tyrone Calico 06 Absolute Memorabilia Tools Of The Trade 2 color patch 12/50 (I tried to take it out of the screwdown for the scan, but that baby is locked in). $4.25 delivered. I love collecting "busts" that no one else cares about.

from an off-board friend...
Jim Zorn 1979 Topps card, autographed in person at June Jones charity golf tourny in Hawaii. He also sent a couple of Tim Rattay cards for me to try and get auto'd during training camp. In return, I'm going to try to get Kerry Collins and Tim Rattay's 02 XL cards signed for him.

And finally, some freebies from our resident Bama fan Stefan hooked me up with at Boro show last weekend.

Martin Erat 02 Atomic Premiere Date 60/90
Patric Kjellberg 00 Omega 88/99
Eddie George 96 Bowmans Best Bets
Ahman Green 98 Bowman RC
Mark Brunell 93 Classic RC
Drew Bledsoe 93 Skybox RC
and a couple others not pictured