Football M&M's Monthly Break - February 2012


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Mark (Cool_Hand_Flash) and I have decided to start doing a monthly break together. We each have 3 "owned" teams, and we draft for the rest. Each month we'll pitch in a few bucks and bust at least 1 hobby box. We will break the box(es) live on BlogTV and also post the video on YouTube.

Box Selection

2011 Timeless Treasures Football

Owned Teams


Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts


Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
New York Giants

Drafted Teams

Atlanta Falcons - Mike
Baltimore Ravens - Mike
Buffalo Bills - Mark
Carolina Panthers - Mark
Chicago Bears - Mark
Cincinnati Bengals - Mark
Cleveland Browns - Mark
Detroit Lions - Mike
Houston Texans - Mark
Jacksonville Jaguars - Mark
Kansas City Chiefs - Mike
Miami Dolphins - Mike
Minnesota Vikings - Mark
New England Patriots - Mark
New Orleans Saints - Mike
New York Jets - Mike
Oakland Raiders - Mark
Philadelphia Eagles - Mike
Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike
San Diego Chargers - Mike
San Francisco 49ers - Mark
Seattle Seahawks - Mike
St. Louis Rams - Mike
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike
Tennessee Titans - Mark
Washington Redskins - Mark
We will be breaking this box tonight on BlogTV. The time isn't set in stone yet, but it should be somewhere around 10:30pm EST.
A pretty good start to our group break :)

And I don't wanna list the hits, cause you'll be doing that.. I think? :LOL:
Yes sir! Here they are, along with who they'll go to, followed by the YouTube video of the break. I'll be extremely disappointed if at least one of these cards doesn't make the CoTM nomination list. :LOL:



Thurman Thomas GU /49



Rahim Moore Auto /299


Len Dawson / Joe Greene / Don Maynard / Larry Csonka GU /25


You know, the good thing about having a 2 person break is that we can do it again whenever we want! :D

:LOL: well... Maybe we should make next month bigger?.. or scatter breaks all over? :p I'm for as many as my better half allows ;)