Football M&M's Group Break - July '12


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Mark (Cool_Hand_Flash) and I originally planned on doing one of these every month, but that obviously didn't happen. It's been a while since our last one but both decided we HAD to do a box of Prestige football together. So, it looks like this break has turned into a "just whenever" break.

How it works.

We both pitch in enough to split the box, cost wise.
We each have 3 "owned" teams, and we draft for the rest.
We will break the box(es) live on BlogTV and also post the video on YouTube.

The videos, and scans of the hits, from the break will all be posted here in this thread following the break too.

Box Selection

2012 Panini Prestige Football Hobby Box

Owned Teams


Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts


Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets
Washington Redskins

Drafted Teams

Arizona Cardinals - Mike
Atlanta Falcons - Mark
Baltimore Ravens - Mike
Buffalo Bills - Mike
Carolina Panthers - Mike
Chicago Bears - Mike
Cincinnati Bengals - Mark
Cleveland Browns - Mike
Detroit Lions - Mike
Houston Texans - Mark
Jacksonville Jaguars - Mike
Kansas City Chiefs - Mark
Miami Dolphins - Mark
Minnesota Vikings - Mike
New England Patriots - Mark
New Orleans Saints - Mike
New York Giants - Mark
Oakland Raiders - Mark
Philadelphia Eagles - Mike
Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike
San Diego Chargers - Mike
San Francisco 49ers - Mark
Seattle Seahawks - Mark
St. Louis Rams - Mark
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mark
Tennessee Titans - Mark
Our draft has been completed. You all can see the teams we got in our draft in the first post of this thread.
After an initial mix up at the supplier's warehouse, it looks like we will have this box in hand, and ready to bust tonight (assuming my router doesn't have problems like it did last night)! Let's shoot for 7pm EST. According to the UPS guy, who happens to be my wife's uncle (or cousin?), he should be here by then or a little after. Anyone who wants to join, we'll be in my BlogTV room (link to the left) at 7pm EST.

Mark, good "Luck" tonight buddy! :D
I here by.. Spunkify! this break thread!

Just to let anyone who might wanna watch this know, we might be a little over.. waiting on the UPS truck! :LOL:
Yep, my wife has already talked to him and he should be here any minute now. Just waiting on him at this point, and then it's break time!!!