Football Low Budget: 2011 Panini Rookies & Stars Football (1 Box)

Gonna miss this one too due to work, oh well I will have to check it out when I get home Saturday morning.
Next month we're scheduling the break around your schedule! This will make 2/2 you've missed. :(

Then move it to next week, then I'll have something to do while my fiancé is on vacation and Ken wont miss out again :flapper:
Don't worry about me, my schedule is very hard to plan anything around (5pm-5am) with rotating days off. I am sure that I will catch one sooner or later.
great break! sorry again guys hate i took all the hits :(

Like we said before, do not be sorry, that is why we do box breaks. Last month I pulled the 2 biggest hits, so this month I figured would be a little pay back for the group.
Congrats on a great break!
Guys, I'm still having a lot of problems with this computer so the videos likely won't be up until tomorrow. The recordings are still on my BlogTV page, and I'll try to get the YouTube videos up tomorrow. It looks like the video did come out, but the audio is horrendous! I assure you all I'll have it all worked out, on the laptop, before next month if I don't get my desktop fixed before then. Either way, barring any other major screw ups with my computers, next month WILL be more smooth.

Here are the scans of the hits, which all go to Brad. Congratulations Brad on a great break! Thanks everyone for joining. I'll post August's thread soon too, so we can talk about a few of the changes.




Some nice looking Ponders, too bad the patch is damaged :(

And kinda odd coalation. I mean two players from the same team is one thing, but two of the same player is a little silly in my opinion.