Love you guys!


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First off I just want to say thanks to all of you guys for being some of the best people I have met in the hobby. I am taking a temporary break from the hobby starting on January 8th because that is the day I am moving down to Washington State University. I am so sorry that I have had to back out on several things on here but money is so tight because the cost of college. It really sucks and I wish I hit the lottery so I could continue to do what I love while at the school of my dreams. But in all honesty I love you guys a ton! I wish you guys the best in all the group breaks you do and get some big hits! I will definitely be watching the videos! Thank you for all the support on the big group break I hosted a while back. (Who knows maybe I will do another when I come back home in May?!) Also I want to thank you guys that have watched my YouTube videos that I have posted on here. Another big shout out goes to everyone who has bid on my items that I have had up for sale whether it be on Listia or eBay. That support has helped more than you think! Also I am selling some stuff on eBay and I hope you can take some time and continue to bid on my items. I really need this to happen because I will need every dollar for college lol. I wish you guys nothing but success here on this website and I hope to be a full participant in May. Love you guys a ton and I will miss you guys!

Here is my link to my eBay page and thanks again for any support!:

Sometimes they stink, but they're always worth it. Glad to see you concentrating on school rather than your hobbies, and hope to see you back into it in a few years. Good luck at school! Have fun, but try to learn a few things while you're there. ;)
Good luck in school brother..... Ive seen similar threads over the years...

You're leaving us for some college girls!

But we understand..... We get it... We've been there!

You'll be back one day. ;)