Looking to Trade.

I'm looking for several things:
- any Jazz cards I don't already have
- 1999-00 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes GH2 Stephon Marbury, GH3 Kobe Bryant, GH5 Tim Duncan, GH9 Alonzo Mourning, GH10 Karl Malone
- 2000-01 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes GH1 Allen Iverson, GH2 Tim Duncan, GH3 Kobe Bryant, GH5 Ray Allen, GH6 Stephon Marbury, GH8 Gary Payton, GH9 Antonio McDyess, GH10 Shareef Abdur-Rahim
- 07-08 Kobe Bryant base or inserts (duplicates too!)
- Any Kobe inserts (duplicates too!)
- Kevin Garnett base and inserts in a Celtics jersey (duplicates too!)

LMK if you have anything for me and feel free to check my tradelist.