Looking for these playoffs player autos


Bench Warmer
Lakers: Vujacic, Turiaf, Fisher, Gasol, Farmar
Spurs: Ginobli, Parker
Hornets: Paul, West (SPx is high priority on West)
Jazz: Williams, Milsap, Brewer
Celtics: Pierce, Rondo
Pistons: Afflalo, Stuckey, Billups
Cavs: Gibson, West
Magic: Howard, Nelson
Sixers: Iguodala
Suns: Stoudamire, Diaw

Will trade or can consider buying for the right price.

NP I collect Jordan, Pip and Rodman :)

I should have one or two autos of these players.
Not the higher end players though.
Have these autos:

2003-04 Fleer Platinum Inscribed DW David West/250
2004-05 Upper Deck Hardcourt Clear Commemorative Autographs CH Chauncey Billups

I collect Hakeem, Camby and auto focus cards. Also willing to sell. Please PM me thanks! :)
Adre Igoudala:
07-08 spx endorsements auto

Arron Afflalo:
07-08 spx gu/auto

Chauncey Billups
07-08 topps luxury box triple gu/auto w/ Ray Allen & Ben Gordon #d 1/1
Hi mate, i have a nelson finest au rc refractor in my bucket, also have a couple of farmar au rc's in my main PC folder. I collect Kobe and Javaris Crittenton autos and patches.