looking for game jerseys of these players


Bench Warmer
looking to trade for game jersey cards of these players if you have any your looking to trade, check my tradepage let me know what you need in trade, they dont have to be high end jerseys, any will do:

lem barney
ray berry
fred biletnikoff
harry carson
larry csonka
len dawson
eric dickerson
tony dorsett
john elway
dan fouts
joe greene
bob griese
franco harris
michael irvin
charlie joiner
deacon jones
sonny jurgensen
steve largent
willie lanier
yale lary
james lofton (packers only)
ronnie lott
ollie matson
tommy mcdonald
hugh mcelhenny
art monk
warren moon
lenny moore
anthony munoz
ozzie newsome
merlin olsen
alan page
walter payton
mel renfro
charlie sanders
gale sayers
lee roy selmon
art shell
don shula
roger staubach
jan stenerud
lynn swan
charley taylor
emmitt smith
thurman thomas
gene upshaw
doak walker
paul warfield
randy white
larry wilson
kellen winslow (not jr)
steve young
jack youngblood
I have an 06 Donruss Threads dual jersey of Moon/McNabb #'d to 250. How about the Wade/Iguodala dual jersey for it?

I'll do some more checking for you. I may have another Moon by itself or Irvin or Young. I will get back to you.

I did find a Moon 03 Donruss Classics Classics Materials jersey/400.

LMK if you can do the Wade/Iguodala for it?