looking for Emmitt Smith score rc

BabyBraves05 said:
i have a pro set rc
Lookin' for the BIG one!
Just left another post for you about the Petersons. If you find more in my bucket, LMK-- I liked more in your bucket.
Didn't see anything I could use, but I have the whole set with the traded set that I would sell for half of book and free shipping.
babybraves and cardjim: Is that all you're lookin' for is $$;
aren't we all this time of year?
I have to pass on the spending $$ part, things have been a bit tight this year, I've almost completely stopped buying cards and tried to trade instead...ALMOST completely stopped buying!
Cardjim...that offer sounds really good; I will keep it in mind if I run into some $$ for a Christmas present. I did puchase one on Ebay a while back and the guy had perfect feedback...untill the week that I bought the card...He scammed about half the people that won from him and left. Such is the luck!
thanks for the posts!