Leaving the hobby...


Massive Jackson Stalker
No, not right now. But I did make a promise to the wife and kids that once I complete the Steven Jackson master RC list, that I would be done for a while. I have about 12 cards to go, and then i'm done. I'll still be around, but won't be busting any more wax for quite some time...just gotta have priorities. I have to sell off some of my PC to do it, but it's worth it in my eyes. :(
it's like when Luke refuses to kill Darth Vader after he defeats him in RoftheJ.... good luck defeating the master list, but not succumbing to the Dark Side
so this means you are gonna be closet busters like the rest of us and drag out finishing the set for a while right????

you still better be around to post, look at me, i'm living through Lisa's breaks since I can't buy anything
Well I still have the SJ ball I got signed his rookie year and if your interested i'd send it to ya for the price of the ball($19.99) and the cost to ship it($10 ?) need to figure out if $10 will cover shipping though.

And good luck on the not buying wax , i'm on that same boat and finding it hard sometime , I just go buy some retail :)
Instead of leaving the hobby, you might consider collecting someone who is less expensive and popular.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on wax, and now I have closets full of thousands of game-used and autos that are just sitting there. Back in 2005, the last year I busted any significant wax, I decided that I was going to pick a couple of rookies that had potential but were flying under the radar. I decided on Eric Shelton and Brandon Jacobs. One busted, and one went through the roof. I probably spent less than $500 total on the two guys, and acquired about 100 autos, patches, low-numbered rookies, etc.

Now I collect only Rutgers guys, and since they don't have any superstars playing in the pros, it's just as inexpensive and I don't care about future value. Scoring a great Quincy Douby card brings as much excitement as when I landed a big card for some high-end set I was building. Only now it costs me $4 instead of $200 and I never have to debate whether or not to keep it in my PC or flip it. And I don't have to hide from my wife. I can show her a great card I just got and then tell her it cost $5, knowing that she probably spent twice that on some crap that was on sale at Target that we don't need.