Hockey Leafs' Lineup set after Stajan signing


"With Matt Stajan safely under contract for the next two years, the Maple Leafs figure they have just enough left over for Mats Sundin. That is, if he decides he wants to play hockey next season. And if he decides to take the Leafs' offer of about $7 million (all figures U.S.) annually, instead of the two-year, $20 million offer from Vancouver that would make him the NHL's highest paid player. Stajan, signing for two years, $3.5 million, doesn't eliminate the Leafs from the Sundin sweepstakes, but it does mark the end, as far as GM Cliff Fletcher is concerned, for signings and re-signings. "That's it for the summer," said Fletcher." | Hockey | Lineup set after Stajan signing
The decision is ultimatley up to Sundin, the team is not really hinging on his signing, were gonna be in the gutter for a few years to come with or without him, If he wants to stay with the team he has been loyal to for a huge chunk of his career then I'd love to see him stay, but if he wants to take Vancouvers cash then I say enjoy the West, we could use the money for something else.
I hope loyalty outweights his "want" for more money and he decides to stay. Be a shame to spend that many years with a team and then decide that $$$ is more important than staying with the team that has given you a home for so long.