Larry Johnson Returns to the Hobby I need your help!!


Bench Warmer
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for 7 years now and it’s finally here! Both 2007-08 Press Pass Legends (Scheduled to come out this week 10/24) and 2007-08 Stadium Club (Scheduled to come out Nov. 12th) have put Larry Johnson back into their sets. I will be looking every where for these new cards, although any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. I want to do everything I can to get all of these cards, especially the 1/1’s! I will pay top dollar for any card that I need. Please let me know if you pull or see any of these. Here are the cards that I will be looking for:

2007-08 Press Pass Legends:

Base Card

Saturday Signatures Auto

Student & Teacher Auto with Jerry Tarkanian

Any Printing Plate # 1/1

2007-08 Topps Stadium Club:

Base Card

First Day issue #/1999

Photographer’s Proof #/199

Gold Photographer’s Proof #/50

Platinum Photographer’s Proof # 1/1

Black Printing Plate # 1/1

Cyan Printing Plate # 1/1

Magneta Printing Plate # 1/1

Yellow Printing Plate # 1/1

There may be others, as I haven’t seen either of these sets checklists yet. I appreciate all your help in advance! Please email me if you have or see any of these….


Awesome - the hobby is going to be more fun for ya next season! :)
Goodluck hunting them down before the french dude does ;)