Kimo and Hartnell to Flyers for a 1st


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
They'll be both FA's July 1st, but have agreed in principle to sign with the Flyers. Nashville gets it's #23 pick back from the Forsberg trade. Good trade, since Nashville wasn't going to be able to resign them, plus has a ton of Defensemen in the minors. Hartnell will be a big loss though.
2 great signings for Philly. #1 Dman secured and a solid 2nd line winger as well. Now they need a #1 center and they still have money left to be creative.

Heard this yesterday locally, they can't move the team so it's gonna be disassembled. Locals say they would of been gone anyway because no way the owner was gonna pick them up. Paul Careia (sp) & one or two more will be next to go or leave.
Kairya* is a FA too. Sucks, because Nashville had such a stout team and could ease their studs in the minors. Now, they'll be rushed and may revert to a Columbus type situation where they have old vets who are slow and young kids who should be in the minors, not on the 1st line. :(