Junk Autos & Game Used


Bench Warmer
Hey guys, i'm filling a huge order for GU jerseys and Autos.
Football and Baseball Only (No Just Minors please, but Press Pass/Sage are ok.) Autos must be from card companies/certified authentic

I'm paying $1.50 per card minimum of 25 cards per shipment.

Clean out some space and get a little extra cash. I can also put these toward new wax. PM me.


retired hippie
I've got 70 for you, if you'll be sitting up this weekend I'll bring them up. Most likely pick-up a box of SPA Hockey if you have anymore.



Bench Warmer
Thanks for the great responses guys. I've got probably close to 600-700 now thanks to everyone. That should put me right at about 1000 which is all I need for the time being. I'll let you all know if I need some more. Thanks!