Baseball Josh Hamilton Is Completely Sick


Bench Warmer
This guy is unbelievable! :eek: 28 HR's in the Derby. All have been monster shots near 500 feet or more. This guy is completely sick. What a display in Babe's house! :eek: Clay Council may have to have Tommy John surgery after all the pitches he threw him (54 pitches to Josh).
GOOD LORD! hey I picked Berkman... 2nd place so far... ONLY 20 behind LOL man that was INSANE!!! This kid is a GREAT story!
Notice Hamilton has the smarts to take a friend along any time he goes out to keep him in line. This is a guy who gets it. He knows his limitations and weaknesses and safeguards himself against relapsing. And isn't afraid to thank God for his talents and his strength of character in changing bad habits and overcoming his demons. This is far more impressive than a 500 ft home run, any day of the week. Chicks dig the man who is in touch with his own humanity!
I still havent even seen who won LOL all the news is talking about is Hamilton... WOW that was INSANE! This guy is GREAT!
Hopefully he does fal victim to the HR Derby jinx.... seems like everyone that wins has a horrible second half.... well he didnt look out for that dark cloud Morneau LOL
I guessed that Morneau would win the derby ......but I will tell you one thing Hamilton was totally incredible and is headed for super stardom I am pulling out my chrome rookie Hamiltons and slabbing them after that performance I am on the band wagon.........