Jim Brown Gale Sayers Roy Williams auto'd full jerseys for sale!

#11 Roy Williams

Bench Warmer

Both come with COA. Jim Brown comes with JSA (Top Tier authentication)

Also have this Roy Williams Auto'd Jersey for sale as well. Got it from a charity. Guarenteed authentic, and guarenteed it will pass Mounted Memories, or any other COA company you send it to.


Thanks, and LMK!
Not getting rid of the Emmitt.

The Sanders I really don't want to let go for unless it is what I paid ($250)

COA on Brown is JSA - $90

COA on Sanders is PSA - $250
Is someone could move this to the right place, that would be great.

Anyway, the Jim Brown has been sold.

The Sanders is now up for sale.

Would do a Sayers and Sanders good deal. Only looking for $75 DLVD on it.
i would give you $225 for the sanders.

just out of curiousity,who coa'd the emmitt?