Is this a 9.5?



you be the judge....






I see a slight nick on the bottom left corner and right above the bottom right.......but I have no idea how much those would affect grading it.
whatchu talkin about? I just copy paste, that used to work I guess

They have added to their options oh dannyboy. You can 'share' a url, post a url. Easiest, especially for php, just click on the bottom one that says IMG and paste, walla.
I would say a 9. If you think you're getting a 9.5 they'll kick you in the balls and give you a 9 for fun. That's how grading is. I'd say BGS 9 or PSA 10 - don't send it PSA though.
I don't think anyone is getting this.

This exact card was a 9.5 at Nats. The nicks were gone. He trimmed it, I told him it was trimmed and everyone else I saw. It was out of his display case the next day.
that is the rap on BGS, if that card was sent to PSA it would have come back evidence trimmed. I will no longer use BGS or Beckett for anything as they are the worst thing going in the hobby currently.
See crap like this is why I don't like the whole grading deal. I can see where its useful to protect your cards, but the whole premium dollar amount these cards bring is freaking crazy. Expecially when you have this type of thing happening. Imagine if you were a dealer and had a grader as your buddy. Imagine the amount of money to be made. The normal collectors like us get our balls busted over any slight imperfection. Than you have the bigger shops/dealers who always seem to have those higher graded cards. I dunno its things like this that have me not trusting graded cards or willing to pay such an amount as people pay. If you can get away with trimming and all the other crap people do to receive such high grades its just not worth it to me.
Not a 9.5 based on the scans. However, that could easily be made a 9.5 (as nats proved). Bgs allows 1/16†deviation in card sizes- that is a nice bit of room for roto tillers and the other tools used by card doctors. Not saying it is right, but that is the way the game is played when grading cos. allow for size deviations and allow people who routinely get subs kicked for trimming to keep submitting. buy the card, not the holder. buy from people you trust.