Incredible mailday....2 shoutouts and 2 SWEET Wizard of Oz cards!


Bench Warmer
First, freebie package that Elan picked up at the show + a few Shaun Alexander base not pictured. Thanks alot man:cheers::D:salut:
The Ryans SPx is #/650

Then, the first of two great Ozzie Newsome pickups. I sent a PM to Mr. Jameson Foster, aka Poopy Pants about this card but never heard back. Figured he traded it, sold it, or whatever...but in no way did I expect to see this bad boy show up:dance:


Thanks so much man:cheers: Will need to find a Calhoun card or two to properly thank you:notworthy:

And finally, from eBay, 2007 Elite Ozzie Newsome Throwback Threads Prime Patch (laudry tag!) #/3:
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