If your looking to trade this is your place!


Bench Warmer
I am looking for A lot of stuff so if you have a list please send it my way.. I have done over 15 trades thru 5 sites this weekend and looking to do a lot more... I just love trading and getting deals done and making new trade partners... I have well over 140 feedbacks thru the 5 sites and no negatives so you can trade with confidence.. I also dont mind trading gameused or autos for something I can use. So with all that being said lets get some deals done . thanks for your time..
kind of hard to do when your pm box is full but

you said you like the tjack how much extra cash would it take to get the jim brown or troy aikman auto
added over 500 cards this weekend alone and addding more all the time so lets make a deal. Remember you can trade in confidence with me i have over 150 feedbacks from 5 sites no negatives. And over 1,700 positive feedbacks on ebay. Thanks for your time