I know theres a few reprints laying around here..please help!


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I have plenty of paypal and tradebait available! Any card in my pc is tradable for reprints i need. I am looking for any legend/hall of famer rookie reprint auto i do not yet have! Below is a link to my reprints and a few scans. I have about 5-6 incoming but they are all lower end. There are a bunch of reprint sets and i will take any but these are the main sets im looking for:

I WILL take commons from these sets as well:

Any auto from 1997, 1998, 1999, Topps stars rookie reprint autos


Any auto from 2001 team topps legends auto set.

Any auto from 2001 topps archives rookie reprint autos:


And any auto from 2001 topps archives RESERVE rookie reprints. ( these are chrome versions of the regular topps archives sets)


Heres my link to most of the ones i already have:

http://s77.photobucket.com/albums/j78/deputyjaay/private collection/Rookie reprint autos/

Please help me out


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I like this of yours:


also like


let me know if there is anything we can work out for either of them, my first preference is doing something towards the Deuce.


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Thanks foir the replies!!!! i need that doug williams for sure as i dont have it and id gladly take a dupe of the branch.

PMS sent! :cheers: