I have a few Rajon Rondo Rc's


Bench Warmer
for sale (PayPal) or for trade, if you have lists or links so I can see what you have that I like. Heres what I have:

06-07 SP Authentic AU RC /999
06-07 E-X AU RC /399
06-07 E-X Credentials Now AU RC /67
07-08 Fleer Autographics
05-06 Finest Red X-Fractor RC /169
05-06 Finest X-Fractor RC /249
06-07 Finest Refractor RC
06-07 Bowman Sterling JSY RC
well the four autos book for $115, and they're all selling pretty close to BV on ebay. I know the Bowman books for 12. I'm not sure about the finest rc's, but I'm guessing between $30-40 total.

I'm not expecting BV by any means, but if you make a reasonable offer then they're yours.