I got bit by the retail bug!!!!


Bench Warmer
I went to Walmart here in Tempe, and picked up a blaster of Topps DP&P and here is what I got:


Amobi Akoye
Leon Hall
Kenny Irons
Kenneth Darby
Lamar Woodley
Jason Hill
Aaron Ross
Jared Zabransky
Marcus McCauley
Brian Leonard
Calvin Johnson:D
Antonio Pittman
Selvin Young

Black Chrome (Just the RC's)

Jason Hill
Marcus McCauley
Kenneth Darby

Other Chrome

Colston gold chrome
Delhomme white chrome /99

Now for the HITS:cheers:that's right....with an "S" as in more then one;)

Aundrae Allison Class Marks Auto
Lorenzo Booker Senior Standouts PATCH /99
It's depressing that people are more and better stuff from retail than I got in a hobby box.