how to tell if a auto is real?


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well my father in law got this auto football of carson palmer and chad johnson(ocho cinco). he said he got it online somewhere. now i know he is a huge sports collector and knows his stuff. but i dont think they look real to me. the only good thing is its on a authenic football (y)
heres a picture lmk what everyone thinks! thabk you
Thats a tough one. I know autos look weird on football surface, like those Sweet Spot cards. Theres no PSA/DNA, JAS anything along with it? It's impossible to tell really, even if it had a certificate, the only one who knows if its real is the guy who got the signatures in the first place.. But no one can say they aren't the real thing either.. Have you compared with other footballs theyve signed?
i really think the palmer is fake :( i mean i didnt pay for the ball so its not my lost. and i dont want to send it in to get psa dna and find out its fake and waist money. my father in law said there was a coa when he got it but lost it during the move and before he sent it to me
Hard for me to say.. the Palmer looks a little weird, but I'm guessing writing on a ball is pretty difficult.. I can't honestly say if they're real or not.
yea i know man the chad looks pretty close. its a different ball than most pictures its the rough ball not smooth ugh idk lol