Hockey Hockey Contest!! Leafs/Habs Saturday December 15th!!


Bench Warmer
Brand new Saturday night hockey game contest, this upcoming Saturday night December 15th (Leafs/Habs) We will have 4 prizes for this game. This Saturday night we will be using the scoring, and penalty times from the Leafs/Habs game to determine our winner. Simply just sign up by posting in this thread, and picking a 4 second spot listed below. One per person only. I will be using the time of the first goal of the game, and the time of the last goal scored of the game (regardless of whatever period that goal may fall in including overtime), to determine the winners. As an added bonus this week, we will also be using the times of the first, and last penalties to make it a total of 4 weekly winners. This week's game prizes will be an auto for the last goal of the game, a GU card for the first goal of the game, and an insert for both the 1st, and last penalties called. :eek: If there is no scoring, and the game is decided by a shootout, then I will do a draw for the GU, and auto. If only one goal is scored in the game, then that winner will receive both of those prizes. Card prizes to be announced early this week. ;) . If you want to play post in this thread. There will be 15 spots available on a first come, first served basis. Contest is open to any members in good standing on the site. Hockey card mods will not be eligible, unless we need to fill vacant spots near game time! I do ask one thing, though. Please give this thread a bump so all can see it. I want all 15 spots filled by Saturday afternoon at 5pm EST. If you guys want this to be a regular occurance, the owness is on you to keep it bumped, and get the spots full by game time. If the spots are not filled, we will not run this contest until they are . It's up to you guys! :eek: Please LMK when you receive your prizes. I only have one confirmation from the last two I ran. :( Plans are to have contests on December 15th, 22nd, and 29th, so stay tuned.

1. :01 - :04 08hottiegirl26
2. :05 - :08 flyersfanforlife
3. :09 - :12 Pasttimesports
4. :13 - :16 #1zetterbergfan
5. :17 - :20 dbackfan12
6. :21 - :24 ljmaya
7. :25 - :28 parep2001
8. :29 - :32 Slim99
9. :33 - :36 Spidermeld
10. :37 - :40 PimpMyRideBro
11. :41 - :44 Hugo
12. :45 - :48 02viperacr
13. :49 - :52 erichasek
14. :53 - :56 celticshk
15. :57 - :00 marinocollector