**Hits posted** 2022 Donruss Baseball 10 Slot - 30 Box Break - Pick 1 Team / Receive 2 Random Teams

I'm going to run this Friday night, 9/15, 8-8:30pm cst. I'll confirm and send out a link today. Thanks!
Well this was a ton of fun! Here's the autos and numbered hits, and the diamond parallels of Rodriguez and De La Cruz! 3 auto craziness! To many other bangers on the Marvels, Bomb Sqaud and Unleashed inserts to post right now! 20230915_225039.jpg20230915_225327.jpg
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Thanks for the break Brian and Cal. Happy to add that Elly to my collection. That was a long break, you were beginning to sound like @grapler135s doing a hockey break by the end.
You're welcome! Thanks for participating. That was a big rip man 😆 Cal couldn't hang 😂 Going to be a big sort on the back end. Lots of sweet cards for everyone. I'll post some more of the cool inserts in the next few days. Was pretty pumped to hit the autos, De La Cruz, and Rodriguez!