Hi everyone! Care to help an out of his depth Limey?


Bench Warmer
Hi there!

I was wondering if one of you helpful souls could do me a favour. I'm not a card collector in any way. I used to collect basketball cards 10 or 15 years ago here in the UK which I guess is how I came into possession of this... It's a signed preseason Keith Davis (New York Giants) Cinemark card. I have no idea if it's worth anything at all and was wondering if someone on here could help me out? I've kept it all these years simply because it's signed and therefor possibly worth something (although since Googling it I fear that's not the case). I'm sure I'm probably wasting both mine and your time but would massively appreciate some feedback.

Thanks very much guys!
hey man, chances are it isn't worth much, but any more information on the card?

year, #, etc.

maybe a scan if possible?