Help a gal move on to the next round of the trade-off and win too


Bench Warmer
Help me move to the next round and have a chance to win one of the 3 game used I'm giving away. All 3 are numbered and as a bonus all members who helped me win will get a chance to pick their baseball team from the drawing after I win the box. The only team I want is the Twins for my Husband. The rest will be handed out in the drawing. The first 3 to be picked will have their choice of the game used and baseball team and after the first 3 each members name drawn will get to pick from the remaining teams. So check my site and see what we can work out in a trade and also all cards are for sell cheap.

rc's, base, 10% bv

Inserts 15% bv

Game Used 25% bv

Autos 30% bv