Guess who is leading the Wild Card Race


Bench Warmer
Not that they ever get any mention on SC...

:dance::dance::dance:SEATTLE!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

Not sure how they are doing it, just glad they are. Felix has struggled since his early season injury, far far far from dominate. Putz has been a super stud, which is why they have won so many one run games, Ichiro is being Ichy, sexson is sucking it up, but Beltre has turned it on somewhat :D

Now that the Yankees have played the underbelly of their weak AL East schedule, they have to play teams with winning records again (sans Baltimore) to finish the month.
If it wasnt for a lights out bullpen and good defense this team would be the Royals...

Im not sure how they are doing it with very little pop in the line-up and one of the worst starter ERA's in the AL. But I am not going to complain, just wish I could catch a game and get some garlic fries :cheers: