Football Gronkowski traded to the BUCCS


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Crazy! The bandwagon is about to be super packed! And a 4th rounder BUCCS pick is a dang good pick for the PATS. WOW!
I personally would like to see if the BUCCS could turn it around.


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This could work out well for them if he can stay healthy. He seems to be pretty injury prone. The Bucs already have a pretty decent receiver core, with Godwin and Evans, so adding Gronk makes them a force to be reckoned with. They had the top run defense in the league last year, and even though they ranked 30th in pass yards allowed, and 28th in points allowed, I don't look for the other teams to have the ball nearly as much this year. I can all but guarantee Tom Brady isn't going to throw 30 interceptions.

If their offense stays healthy, and their run defense returns to form, I look for the Bucs to have a pretty good year, beginning with them winning their division.