greatest box ever...seriously


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i busted a great box of baseball

2006 topps rack, has 3 "vinatage" per pack, thus far i opened 20 of the 24 packs and saved 4 packs because they have good players on the front, but in all packs i got 1 each of 86, 87, and 19 of the 20 packs i pulled a 1987 card of a texas ranger, and none were ruben got funny after like 4 packs of rangers cards...took a picture will all my 87 topps rangers cards mr near mint style...

also split a box of 06 artifacts baseball and pulled a pujols large jersey swath /45 BV $50, and split a box of 07 prestige football and pulled a draft picks rights auto Dwayne Bowe /50 NFS/NFT going to Rexy once we get back...

now I have to get the Buster Davis and the Russell out of that set since I already have the Landry.
very sweet stuff jason

i really want to know if sexy rexy did the happy dance when you told him you pulled that