Basketball Good win by Celtics


Bench Warmer
Celtics just got over the line against the Cavs! 76-72..

It was anyone's game until the last few seconds.

Looks like it is going to be a tough series - just how I like them :D

Some interesting things about the game.....

Lebron almost had a triple double.
12 points, 9 assists, 9 boards...

You could argue he almost had a quad double if you throw in his
9 turnovers :eek:

Not one of his better games.

Paul Pierce only had 4 pts.
Ray Allen had 0 pts :eek:

What big three? lol

Lots of lesser known players came out to play as well as Garnett.

Tom's favourite player Ilgauskas had 22pts and 12 boards! :eek:

Rondo had 15 points ( i think) in the first half.

Sam Cassell also propped up the Celtics with 13 points.
WOW that was an UGLY game for LB23 I hope this is a LONG series...but if Boston can shut him down again it could be over fast!