Good News and Bad News

Well, like always i'll start off with the Bad news.
i just got the amount for my was $312 and i still need to go through traffic school. I'm going to wait until im through with my summer class before i do it though. im not looking forward to that :(

but the good news is i just picked up a great PC item from the bay. as many of you know, im a huge UCLA fan and im also a Buccs fan. My brother had purchased some Game Used basketball jerseys from a local seller (lives about 20-30 minutes away from us) who sells on ebay, but is a HUGE donor to UCLA and receives just a crazy amount of sports memorabilia from them. he has a collection that is displayed throughout his house including a team set of final four jerseys worn by UCLA last year. anyways, i tried to get a Robert Chai jersey through him, but he could not get it. But this just hit the bay and i had to get it.
i'll let the pics do the talking :D




Thanks for looking, im very excited and cant wait for them to get here! :cheers: