gonna try to trade here again want list up


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bucket updated with tons of stuff

Daymeion hughes sp letters--U, S
Naanee sp letters-- NAE
john riggins
joe theismann
sinorice moss
p manning auto
wayne auto
clark auto
antrel rolle
national treasures
topps tx ticket autos


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like these
Vernon Davis au
alex smith gu
B Young gu
steven jackson au
montana/craig gu
montana gu


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like the manning, wayne, and clark autos, if the clark is dallas, the wayne is reggie, and the manning is peyton im interested


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Interested in these 3:
06 Leaf Certified Harvey Martin FOTG DC football,
05 Leaf Cert Hines Ward FOTG debut year #98
07 Leaf Cert FOTG Lee Evans FOTG. lmk if I have anything you need. Malcolm


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baby--thats a want list

panthers---i could use it if it is...lmk what you like

spud---thats pc nft

mlpb--could use the harrison gu and jackson rpm


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bills--could use the wayne gu and packers triple threads

kansas--could use the jackson/jones dual, adddai auto, and steve smith auto