From absolute Nojo to.....MOJO!

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Friday Afternoon I decided to rip one of the two remaining boxes of Playoff tins, because they had been collecting dust for 6 months, I told many people how great they were, but no...they still were sitting there.

So I pull the cards out from the pack and see a steelers logo, so I slid it down and see a face......and Omar Jacobs :doh::doh::doh:

After being pissed off at Omar for ever signing a card I decided that it couldn't get any worse then Omar. So i ripped into the last set.....

Slid the cards and out check my auto...browns logo :doh:

I thought that there wasn't ANYONE that would make it worth my $50. And then i thought, maybe it's travis wilson, thinking about it made me feel better...and then I saw it was K. Winbley. :boohoo:

Fast forward to yesterday when I decided to rip some 05-06 Topps Chrome Basketball (so i could rip w/o spending to much :D )

In a few packs I see of Jordan Farmar 22/25 :cheers: :dance:

And then today...

1 Pack of UD Black yields a A. Iguadala (sp?) quad jersey auto /50.

and 4 packs of Bowman Draft/Chrome Basketball held:

Shannon Brown Printing Plate Auto Black 1/1. :dance:

I guess I had to get past Omar to hit it big.
I'll get scans up tomorrow, as i am to tired to do it tonight :ban: