Freebies in the mail today


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Got some cards from a hockey break, somewhat dull this time around.. apart from this dual.

Jarome Iginla/Joe Nieuwendyk Shirt off my back /99

The really interesting part were the freebies! :LOL:

My friend Brian, who hosted the break, said he had a Lars Eller Artifacts GU for me, so I was expecting that..


I like the card quite a lot, and I hope he improves his game young mr Eller, so we might have our first danish all-star.. that would be awesome :cool:

Brian also sent me 15! Yes, 15 adds to the Ultimate Quest! Very cool, they'll be on the Quest site shortly (please follow the link in my sig)

The cards were:
03 Chris Redman base parallel /75
05 Bryon Leftwich base /550
05 Chris Chambers base /550
05 Mike Anderson base /550
05 Nehemiah Broughton RC base /235 (Who??)
08 Jason Campbell base /275
08 Chris Cooley base /275
07 Tony Hunt Ultimate Rookies Materials
07 John Beck Ultimate Rookies Materials
07 Jason Hill Ultimate Rookies Materials
07 Fred Taylor Ultimate Materials /99

06-07 Martin Brodeur base /699
05-06 Chris Campoli Ultimate Debut Threads Jersey /250

09 Vin Mazzaro base /599
09 Kris Medlen base /599
Was that Brian from TCC?

Great trader.... Congrats on the freebies... Some of my favorite cards were freebies... (y)