For Trade


Bench Warmer
Here are some cards I have for trade. I am interested in Topps Triple Threads Relics that spell out special words or names, and am willing to trade all these for any card #d/27, #/36, etc. I only have a few relic cards in my collection, and am trying to obtain more through trade. Thank -you. Here are the cards I have for trade:
Mat Latos Topps 60 Relics
Craig Biggio 1989 Fleer Rookie Card
2011 Andre Ethier Topps Lineage
2007 Artifact Apparel Upper Deck Jonathon Papelbon # 082/199
If you are interested in these cards and have a Triple Threads Relic or autograph card, let me know. I am super excited to read the responses, thanks again!
Are you trying to start a PC of Topps Triple Threads? Are you only looking for baseball?
I am looking for mostly baseball right now, but I will consider any offers (BTW I like packers or cardinals football relics cards) I own a 2011 Topps Carlos Gonzalez #d/27 Walk-Off Cycle Relic card, and absolutely love the design. I thought it would be cool to start an all Triple Threads collection, so yes. I also like MLB hall of fame memorabilia, so I guess I am just looking to see what people offer and stuff. Are you interested in any specific card?
What year is it from and what does it spell out? Is it serial numbered?

Here's a scan of it: