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Wrapper redemption

With the National Sports Collectors Convention taking place next week in Cleveland, officials at Donruss are excited to announce plans for this year's wrapper redemption. Available at the Donruss corporate booth, the set will feature some of the hottest rookies from the '07 draft class. The twist is that Donruss will be updating the popular Donruss Elite rookie cards, with photographs of the RCs in their NFL uniforms.

"Donruss Elite is one of our strongest brands and collectors anxiously anticipate the release each and every year," said Donruss Football Brand Manager Ben Ecklar. "These cards hold their value more than any other non-auto or non-material RC in the market and their popularity has grown over the years since they are always the industry's first serial-numbered rookie cards of the new draft class. This is a creative way to offer these cards to hobby with the players in their NFL uniforms."

Collectors bringing five un-opened packs of any 2007 hobby product or one box of Score retail will get a two card Donruss Elite rookie pack. Twenty different rookies will be randomly inserted in these packs, all utilizing photography from this year's Rookie Photo Shoot. To differentiate these cards from the original release, the cards will be serial-numbered XXX/599. Also randomly inserted in the packs will be die-cut Aspiration and Status parallels. Each rookie card will have a Blue Aspirations parallel serial-numbered to XX/50, a Red Status parallel serial-numbered to XX/50 and a Gold Status Parallel serial-numbered to XX/25.

Donruss will also be randomly inserting AUTOGRAPH cards of the players, serial-numbered to 10 or less.

The players in the set are Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, Ted Ginn, JaMarcus Russell, Michael Bush, Greg Olsen, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, Drew Stanton, Calvin Johnson, Brady Quinn, Steve Smith, Dwayne Bowe, John Beck, Brandon Jackson, Chris Henry, Robert Meachem, Kevin Kolb, Kenny Irons and Dwayne Jarrett.

The wrapper redemption will be held at the Donruss corporate booth Thursday - Sunday, while supplies last.

The 28th annual National Sports Collector Convention will be held at the International Exposition Center (I-X Center) from August 1-5.
All card cos do these promos. Some you have to line up @ certain times. the cos. let you open the cards in front of them/you keep them (they take the wrappers), then they give you the ‘wrapper redemption cards’.