Football Big Game Challenge in the Works


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7. I've never seen a market driving force like the Big League Challenge game. Hopefully you are planning a similar contest for football. Football is even bigger than Baseball with eToppers.

Good to hear from you again and thank you for the email. We are happy with how the game has been received and are anxious for it to begin. I expect if all goes well we will have a bigger and better Football effort.

hopefully this is the case, if its not there will be a bunch of people who spent lots of money getting these things..its hard to get some of these (Peyton, Brady, LT, LJ) so if you played last year and you kept your 06s you might be in good shape...i know the weekly baseball prizes are nice, this week its a CASE of Bowman...sure Bowman isnt a 'high end' product, but still a few hundy...weekly prizes to the top 3 and i believe there is a full season thing as well...