"foam pack"????


Bench Warmer
someone want to explain that to me???

i haven't been able to get to any other sports collecting site in 2 yrs since i had my tower built and it fried on me, and somehow it works now so i have been dinking around over on that other sites, hockey box break site where btw they bust a lot of cup product.

everyone seems to know about the "foam pack" i don't get it. i know if i opened a couple hundred dollar pack and found a piece of foam in it, i'd be pissed to high heaven. what's it supposed to mean?

i haven't collected hockey in 8 yrs so i'm a little out of touch with the products and such. only guy i go after now in hockey doesn't have many cards out
I could be wrong and probably am.:D I think the tin that has a piece of foam in it has the big hit card.Not sure about this years product,but i think last years was like that.
The foam is on the top of the pack when you open it (in The Cup). Usually the foam pack has a big hit in it about 95% of the time.
and that was only in 05-06 Cup. There was no foam in 06-07 Cup. There were some decoy cards though. I had foam for both of my Crosby rookies.
oh i get it now, it's not the whole pack that is foam, it's just on top taking the place of one card :doh::doh::doh:

i thought it was the whole pack that was foam.

i should have made it more clear, one of the breaks i saw was last years cup and it had the foam pack