First mailday in a while and a 1/1


Bench Warmer
Havent really done a whole lot in cards for a while, but with some newer products out, I figured what the heck, and picked up some from Prestige on Drew.


this is my second 1/1 of Becks, i can't even find the actual The Cup card but i got his press plate.


he's very hard to find up here because he plays on the local team up here and he WILL be in the NHL in the next year or so. He's a monster of a goaltender and for as big as he is, he can stand on his head. Reminds me of a larger Dominator
Very nice Cris!! I don't think Beck has a Cup RC does he? Awesome plate 1/1 though :salut:

i think he does since that is what the plate is of. i won another one last night too, but looks a little different than this one. it's a thick plate though. thank god for snipes i know people in alaska hate me since i set them
Actually the Cup released plates for each and every one of the player's other UD released RC's. That particular plate is from his Upper Deck Ice RC, not from a Cup RC. Beck should also have plates in the Cup for every other RC he had like SPA, Artifacts, etc.
well crap, cause the only RC's i can find of him i already have, minus the print plates, i have another one on the way. i can find his spx, spa, and hot prospects but nothing from the cup or anything else. ticks me off