Football Fake Selling for Alot!

southhawks23 said:
$108.50 DLVD, wow, there are bad people in this world :(, did anybody report it?

was gonna but it takes e-bay atleast a couple days to get on stuff and it only had an hour left, i Pmed the buyer and told them.....
Look at the autos though they do kinda look like there Sigs.. Lmk What you all think on that I mean they are real close I just looked at them for a few mins.... Horrible scammers Arent worth nothing!!!
nasty nasty scammer. The ones that scare me now are the patches. you see all these "incredible" patches on ebay. NFL logos, adidas tags (thought the NFL had only Reebok jerseys) multi colored ect.. Seems like now the cards at least say "prime jsy" on most the good ones but the older ones you have no idea. Too risky for me to buy.