Fabulous Mailday from JoeyV and Pence! Vandy Mail


Bench Warmer
Got two awesome packages from Joey and Chris today from the College Collectors Group.

Here's the stuff ZEEK sent:


2 - 2006 Press Pass Jay Cutler RCs
2002 Corey Chavous Patch 061/125
2006 Sage Jay Cutler / Vernon Davis Dual Jersey #05/25!!! SWEET!!!

Here's what Joey put together for me:


2006 Jay Cutler Press Pass BLUE RC parallel!
2006 Topps Class of 2006 Jay Cutler
2006 Press Pass Big Numbers Jay Cutler
2007 Prestige Jay Cutler
2004 Bazooka All-stars Corey Chavous (GU pro-bowl jersey - Really cool)
2001 Pacific Todd Yoder Hobby Limited #79/99 (Very cool as i've never even seen nor heard of him before.)
2002 Corey Chavous GU Jersey
My favorite: A 1977 Touchdown Buford Ray (Another one of those rare finds that lights up my day!)

Also, Joey sent me a Fleer Autographics Mike Anderson Auto. For those who don't know Anderson and I share a special bond as being part of the Few and the Proud. :helmet:


Great Packages Guys thanks so much... Your stuff is on the way in the morning. Sorry for waiting until the end of the month but I think it'll be worth the wait!
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