Early B-Day Box of Threads


Bench Warmer
The old lady got me an early b-day present....a box of Threads:cheers: she made me open it in the car....so here are the 4 hits...tons of #ed inserts and gridiron kings cards.....but don't remember:

Tomlinson jersey /250

continued pulling NC State stuff here:lollol:

Rivers jersey /250 (damaged...going back to DLP)
AJ Davis auto /250 (pence)

and the big one

Dwayne Jarrett Letter auto 90/140....it's the "T"!!!!!!!!!:cheers:


Bench Warmer
I have had a nice little streak of good to amazing pulls lately.....this is the second PC pull for me in less then a week....but all of the credit goes to my old lady for picking the box......my birthday isn't until next Tuesday and she new she couldn't keep it from me for a week.....or keep it from HERSELF for that matter:lollol:I think she likes ripping packs more then I do:lollol:

Thanks for all of the early B-Day wishies guys:salut: