Bench Warmer
As seen here, gave him verbal warning. Will be seeing a ban for a few days if I see it again.

[eaglesfreak] 9:24 pm: does any 1 here want to join my group break?
[tigsfan] 9:25 pm: Group Breaks aren't allowed except for MODs eaglesfreak
[eaglesfreak] 9:25 pm: 2008 leaf certified materials football 8 box case 23 dollars a spot
[natsfan] 9:26 pm: i dont me to be a pest but why is that
[tigsfan] 9:26 pm: NOT ALLOWED eaglesfreak
[tigsfan] 9:26 pm: against TOS
[eaglesfreak] 9:26 pm: wat?
[marinocollector] 9:26 pm: to know the person is trustworthy
[natsfan] 9:26 pm: what is tos
[tigsfan] 9:26 pm: Terms of Service
[natsfan] 9:26 pm: ok
[eaglesfreak] 9:26 pm: i do it on utube
[tigsfan] 9:27 pm: AKA those things you scrolled through when you signed up
[natsfan] 9:27 pm: ook thank foe explanation
[marinocollector] 9:27 pm: its too easy for someone to bust a great card, keep it for themselves, then place a bum card in
[tigsfan] 9:27 pm: It doesn't matter, because then it's considered spamming, which also isn't allowed
[eaglesfreak] 9:27 pm: pepole do it on utube all the time
[marinocollector] 9:28 pm: then do it on utube not here
[tigsfan] 9:28 pm: We still don't allow it here
[marinocollector] 9:28 pm: theyll suspend you tigs is nice... some mods would have at the second mention oif it
[General]: eaglesfreak has left at 9:28 pm
[tigsfan] 9:28 pm: Somebody from the staff sees you doing this again, you'll get a vaction, understand?
[natsfan] 9:29 pm: gosh not even a good bye from egles
[tigsfan] 9:29 pm: nvm