Donruss Classics Box break....Wooot! And some quack quack mojo

Deangelo Hall Fan

Bench Warmer
Fun rip!

Opened a box and a couple packs, via pack warring with a customer.

Bill Bates Legend /999
Lawrence Timmons Rookie /1499
Rhema McKnight Auto (saints) /999
Jeff Rowe Rookie Timless Tributes 20/25!!!
ROBERT MEACHEM School Colors Rookie (2 Per case!)


Some Duck-Oregon-Quack-Jo:

Demetrius Williams Saturday Stars Patch Auto (College) 8/10!!!

Awesome pulls Loghan!!! That Williams is sick. If you're moving the Meacham and McKnight LMK. I'd be interested.
sell the Williams to Brett and then use the $ to pay off the outstanding balance in Bountys group buy, and then we can bust some Classics and pull something better!!