Donruss Classics Box break....Wooot! And some quack quack mojo

Deangelo Hall Fan

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Fun rip!

Opened a box and a couple packs, via pack warring with a customer.

Bill Bates Legend /999
Lawrence Timmons Rookie /1499
Rhema McKnight Auto (saints) /999
Jeff Rowe Rookie Timless Tributes 20/25!!!
ROBERT MEACHEM School Colors Rookie (2 Per case!)


Some Duck-Oregon-Quack-Jo:

Demetrius Williams Saturday Stars Patch Auto (College) 8/10!!!



Bench Warmer
Awesome pulls Loghan!!! That Williams is sick. If you're moving the Meacham and McKnight LMK. I'd be interested.


Bench Warmer
sell the Williams to Brett and then use the $ to pay off the outstanding balance in Bountys group buy, and then we can bust some Classics and pull something better!!