Do you get angry when someone will not trade with you?


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I am seeing this happen more and more on other sites and on FB Sports Card pages and I thought I would ask the question here....

"Do you get angry when someone will not trade for you, when you are asking for specific cards, and they offer up "other cards"...?"

(here is an example of what happened to me and the referenced post is posted on SCC, the offered trade was NOT on SCC)

Posted up a few numbered football and a very long list of my wants. Very simple and straight forward thread showing my traders and my "WANTS".

I got a response from someone that asked me to "check my bucket". First off, I hate checking buckets. Second, if you ask me to check your bucket, then at least have a couple of my wants!, and Third... if you bucket contains over 100 cards, use some sort of organization (i.e., team, player, etc).

Anyways, I checked the bucket and low-and-behold, NOTHING. There was nothing even similar to what I was looking for. I was nice and posted the usual "sorry, nothing I can use"... he was okay with the answer, but almost immediately I get a PM from a guy that let's me know that when I post something up and someone is willing to trade, I should make every effort to work a trade out with them. Really? So I have traders and looking for specific wants, but you're telling me I need to make a trade work because the other guy needs my card?

I know I have been upset a little in the past when someone post up a card I need and they politely turn down my trade offer because it's a card(s) they cannot use... but have NEVER sent a PM to someone telling them "I made an offer, accept it."

Seriously, it's YOUR card (in this case MY card) and I can hold out for what I want.